Venuu Privacy Policy

Venuu Oy (a Finnish limited liability company with the company ID 2551601-1, hereinafter “Venuu”) is fully committed, as the data controller, to protect the privacy of the users of its services and websites.

In its activities, Venuu adheres to applicable data protection laws and other regulations as well as sound data protection principles. This Privacy Policy explains the principles based on which Venuu collects and handles personal data and it applies for the processing of personal data that has been collected in connection with Venuu websites, when using the services provided by Venuu or in connection with other activities connected to Venuu. For the sake of clarity, whenever referencing to Venuu services and/or products, such reference shall include all activities, products and services provided by Venuu, irrespective of their form.

Venuu sites currently include venuu.fi, venuu.se and venuu.com and may also include other websites run by Venuu that are not explicitly listed herein. Our sites may contain links to third-party sites or services and such third-parties are responsible and liable for their own data protection principles. This Privacy Policy shall not be applicable to the use of such third-party sites or services.

In case you do not accept the collecting and handling of your personal data as described in this Privacy Policy, please do not use the Venuu websites or services.

The data that we collect

Venuu may collect such data that is necessary for the purpose to which they are used as explained in this Privacy Policy. The purpose of use determines what kind of data is collected in different circumstances.

We may collect your personal data when you are using our services, for instance when you send an enquiry through the Venuu website, when you continue the discussion with one of our partners that was initiated by an enquiry through Venuu, as well as in connection with competitions, campaigns or when conducting research or when you otherwise use our services or deal with us.

Venuu collects mainly such personal data that is described in the categories mentioned below. The data is in most cases collected directly from the user himself or in connection with the use of our sites and services.

Your personal data may also be collected from other sources than you, for instance from third-party registers. To be able to provide you with our services, Venuu also uses external parties for eg. recording of and managing data. We may also use external service providers eg. for client monitoring and marketing, for instance by utilising third-party marketing tools as further described below.

1. The information you provide us with

We may ask you to give us data in connection with the use of our services and sites, which you may choose to give us. Some of that data may be mandatory to enable the use of our services. In addition, we also process information that you have provided us with.

Such information may include:

  • Name or nickname
  • Password or other identifier
  • Email address and other contact details (eg. address, phone number)
  • Client feedback
  • Information relating to the event that you are organising
  • Communication with our partners relating to the event you are organising

We may also collect other kinds of contact information that is needed eg. for the provision of products and services, client communication or user identification. We may also collect so called demographic information, eg. age, gender, language, information that describes your residential area as well as information about your likings, preferences and the consents that you’ve given as well as other similar information that we need eg. for the development and targeting of our products and services.

Some service features or functionalities may be such that they publish personal data. These may include features that can be used by the user to publish his or her own content. The user may in this case choose the kind of data that he wants to disclose and publish.

2. Data observed through or derived from the use of services

We may collect the following data about you and the use of the Venuu services:

  • Data collected by website analytics services (please see section “Cookies and user identification” below)
  • Information relating to user messaging, eg. information about link clicks
  • The preceding site from where the user has accessed Venuu’s website
  • Device IDs, such as device model and the unique device ID and/or cookie ID
  • The data collection channel: browser, mobile web browser, applications and browser version
  • IP address
  • The operating system of the client device
  • Session ID and the time and duration of the session

The Venuu websites can, for the most part, be used without having to register or to otherwise perform an identification. However, your browser provides Venuu with certain kind of information, eg. your IP address, date of your visit, the site that you last visited before visiting our site, pages that you visit, links that you use and the content that you’ve viewed. We also collect other kinds of information of technical nature that may have arisen in connection with using Venuu’s websites, products and services. Eg. your phone number, the date of using the service and other similar information describing the use of the service may be transferred to Venuu as part of regular message transmission. Venuu uses cookies on its websites and the use of cookies is explained in more detail below under “Cookies and user identification”.

3. Data relating to our client relationship and contractual relationship

We collect information relating to our client relationship as well as the contractual relationship between us, such as the services that you have booked or that you use, contracts, contact requests, customer complaints as well as other information relating to the offering and use of services. In addition, we collect information relating to payment and invoicing of products and services, such as invoicing address and credit card details, as well as information relating to the verification of credit ratings and other similar information. We may also record our customer service calls and collect other kinds of information relating to the interaction between you and Venuu or you and our partners.

Why we handle your personal data and the lawful basis for doing so

The main basis for the processing of personal data is the performance and enablement of the contractual relationship between Venuu and its user, legitimate interest, consent of the user and compliance with legal obligations.

The processing of personal data for the management of client relationships, usage and management of our services, management of our business activities as well as marketing and informing of them is based on a contractual relationship or the legitimate interest of Venuu. Legitimate interest means processing or handling of personal data that essentially relates to the activities of the data controller and that the user may reasonably assume as such. Such legitimate interest may, for instance, include maintaining a good client relationship so that Venuu may offer even better services to its clients and develop them further, or occur when another appropriate relationship between Venuu and the user exists.

Marketing and advertising, such as electronic direct marketing directed towards personal data of private individuals is based on consent. Direct marketing may also be exercised without a consent when permitted by law. Marketing and advertising may also in certain cases be based on a legitimate interest (eg. B-2-B marketing or communication relating to events organised by Venuu).

By processing personal data, we aim to ensure and improve the safety of our services as well as to prevent and investigate fraudulent activities. Such activities are based on compliance with legal requirements.

We process your personal data relating to one or several purposes mentioned below.

1. Offering of products and services and maintaining client relationships

Your personal data may be used for the handling of enquiries and other contact requests to enable the use of our services, for the performance and preparation of a contract and enabling other similar obligations as well as handling your requests and questions. We may also collect personal data for the identification of users, provision of products and services, transmission of messages, taking care of our data security obligations as well as for the prevention and investigation of fraudulent activities, to the extent permitted by law.

2. Development of products and services

Your personal data may be used to develop the services, products and business operations of Venuu as well as for monitoring and optimising the use of our websites. Your personal data may also be used for the targeting of our products and services eg. to be able to present you with tailor-made content. We may also compile statistics required for the development of our products and services and combine information collected in connection with various products and services. To the extent possible, we aim to use statistical and other similar data where an individual user may not be identified.

3. Client communication and marketing

Your personal data may, to the extent permitted by law, be used for the marketing of products and services of Venuu, its partners and similar parties, for newsletter subscriptions, electronic and other direct marketing, polls and marketing surveys as well as client communication, eg. to be able to inform you about matters relating to our products and services. We may also conduct customer satisfaction and other similar surveys.

In addition, we conduct targeted marketing and we may, in this context, perform profiling of users, for instance so that we may offer you services that are of interest to you eg. based on your previous behaviour or based on the information in our client records. For third-party services that we use, please see section “Third-party services”.

Personal data on minors

We are not intentionally collecting personal data on minors. However, as we may not verify the age of users, even data related to minors may end up in our register.

Who we disclose your personal data to

Venuu does not sell, borrow or otherwise hand over your personal data to third parties other than as explained in this Privacy Policy.

1. Partners and third parties

When you send an enquiry through Venuu, we will transfer the personal data that you have given to our partners, meaning venues and other service providers and business partners of Venuu to enable communication, the use of our services and other cooperation with our partners. We transfer the information only to those partners to whom you have targeted your enquiry. Please familiarise yourself carefully with the privacy policies of those partners. We also use third-party services eg. for analytics purposes. Please see section “Third-party services” below for more information.

2. Subcontractors

Your personal data may be transferred to our subcontractors to the extent they partake in the fulfillment of the purpose of use described in this Privacy Policy.

3. International data transfers

Venuu aims to carry out its services and process personal data utilising primarily services and service providers located in the EU or EEA region. The services of Venuu may, in some cases, also be carried out by utilising services, services providers and servers located elsewhere. Your personal data may, in those cases, be transferred between different countries. Such transfers may entail transferring of personal data to countries outside the EU or EEA region where the data protection legislation deviates from the requirements of Finnish law, eg. to the United States. Venuu will also in those cases do its best to ensure an adequate level of protection eg. through agreeing on the matters relating to handling of personal data as required by law. This may take place by using standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission or in another appropriate manner to ensure that the handling of personal data is performed in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

4. Transfers required by law

Your personal data may be transferred as required by law, eg. due to a requirement by official authorities or other statutory obligations.

5. Corporate restructuring and group companies

Should Venuu be part of a corporate restructuring, such as an acquisition of its business in part or in whole, personal data related to the appropriate business units may be transferred to the new entity. Venuu may also disclose personal data internally to its group companies.

How we keep your data up-to-date

We aim to keep the personal data in our possession reasonably accurate through deleting unnecessary data and by updating outdated information. The user agrees not to provide Venuu with outdated or otherwise inaccurate information.

Certain products or services provided by Venuu, or parts of them, may enable the user to manage and update his personal data.

How we protect your personal data

There are risks involved with all kinds of processing, handling and transferring of personal data, as no technology or process is completely risk-free. Venuu aims to use appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect personal data from unauthorised access, disclosure and other kinds of unauthorised processing. Such measures are taken by taking into consideration the nature of the data, the technical possibilities to protect that information, the threat that may be presented towards that data as well as the costs of protection.

Such measures may include eg. the use of firewalls, encryption technologies, safe usage of device areas, access control, restricted access rights and surveillance of use, instruction of personnel involved in the handling of personal data, careful selection of subcontractors as well as the use of contractual and other similar means. We use technologies in accordance with technical standards to ensure the confidentiality of our business transactions.

Cookies and user identification

Venuu may use cookies on its websites. A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your device by a web page and that is typically used for collecting certain information related to the device, such as the IP address of the user, information about the operating system of the device, browser type and information about the site from where you have navigated to our site.

The use of cookies enables certain services for the user: for instance, the user only has to insert a password once during the session and is not required to fill its shopping cart more than once, should the session end for some reason.

We also use cookies on our site(s) eg. to analyse our website traffic, to develop our services, to enhance the user experience as well as for marketing purposes, such as targeted marketing.

We may also use web beacons in connection with our sites. We use web beacons to help us develop our sites and do not use them to identify single users. Web beacons are typically digital image files embedded on a web page that enable the collection of information regarding the use of the site. They do not typically produce other kinds of information than what the browser delivers to the service provider as part of the use of its services. They also help us analyse cookies. In case you have disabled the use of cookies, web beacons may not track user behaviour but may still collect information generated by the browser.

Should you not wish to accept cookies or to be informed about them, you may change your browser settings accordingly, provided that your browser allows it. Disabling cookies may, however, hinder you from using all parts or features of our sites or services. Certain sites of our service providers that we link to on our website may also use cookies or web beacons. Please note that Venuu does not have access to or control over such cookies.

Third-party services

Venuu uses web analytics and tracking tools and other technologies provided by third parties, including automatic data acquisition tools eg. to be able to gather data on your behaviour on our sites and your interaction with us. These services include for example website tools that we use, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Mixpanel, Facebook Business Manager and Microsoft Ads. The data that we gather is primarily used for statistical, tracking and analytical purposes, and for target group and marketing purposes as well as for the development of our services and business operations. Such information may also be used for so called profiling.

These third-party services use cookies and/or web beacons for analysing users and their behaviour and for targeted marketing also on third-party websites outside of the Venuu site. They may also use other personal data eg. for marketing purposes.

We also use third-party services for marketing and other purposes, eg. third-party email marketing providers. Such third-party providers process personal data according to their own policies.

We may also use so called push notifications provided by third parties that send user notifications and reminders to the device and browser that you use, provided that you have given your consent for receiving such notifications. You may manage push notifications through the service provider in question or through your device settings.

How long do we store your personal data

We will store your data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and only for as long as necessary for the purposes for which your data was collected as described in this Privacy Policy. When the purpose for which your data was collected no longer exists, we will remove your personal data within a reasonable amount of time.

Please note that some of our services may include public, interactive and communicational features such as comment or review sections or discussion boards. The content that you’ve produced may in such cases remain visible even after you terminate your username or after your user or client relationship has ended.

Your privacy rights

As a data subject, you have certain rights based on the applicable data protection laws. These rights are explained in more detail below. Should you want to exercise your data protection rights, please contact us using the contact information located at the end of this Privacy Policy.

You have the right, in the limits provided by law, to:

  • access your personal data and verify the information that we have collected from you
  • request correction or erasure of incorrect, redundant, incomplete or expired personal data
  • request the restriction of handling of personal data, under certain conditions
  • be forgotten and have your personal data removed, provided that such data is no longer needed for the purposes due to which it was collected
  • object to the processing of your personal data based on legitimate interest
  • request transfer of your personal data

Please note that we may, in certain cases, have a legal obligation or right to process or store personal data due to a compelling interest (eg. legitimate interest that overrides the interests of the data subject). We also have the right to continue the processing of personal data that is required for legal claims.

When the processing of personal data is based on consent you may withdraw your consent and therefore prohibit Venuu from processing your personal information eg. for the purposes of electronic direct marketing. You may withdraw your consent by contacting us using the contact information mentioned below or, in the case of our newsletter, through unsubscribing from our newsletter.

In addition, you may separately object to direct marketing or profiling.

Please note that we may require a small fee for frequent information requests.

You can also lodge a complaint to the data protection authority should you consider that your personal data has been processed in infringement of the applicable legislation.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Venuu constantly improves and develops its services and may change this Privacy Policy from time to time without prior notice. In case of significant changes to this Privacy Policy, Venuu will inform about such changes in the beginning of this Privacy Policy or elsewhere on its site. Please review this Privacy Policy frequently to stay updated on any changes.

Information about the data controller and contact details

The data controller is Venuu Oy in the address of Pieni Roobertinkatu 11 A 6, 00130 Helsinki.

In matters relating to the collection and use of personal data, you may contact us at privacy@venuu.fi.

Please note that due to security reasons, we may have to verify your identity prior to completing your request.